Modern vintage at its best.

Tintypes are one of the most popular forms of photography to rise out of the wetplate collodion photography process, which dates all the way back to 1848 and is the brainchild of Englishman Frederick Scott Archer.

During the 1860s & 1870s tintypes enjoyed their peak in popularity, being produced by both photography studios and traveling photographers. For many people, a tintype portrait was the only image of themselves that was ever made.

POURING THE PLATE. See the aluminum plate being coated by hand with the salted collodion solution.

Tintypes have always been handmade. Wetplate photography requires that each plate be wet throughout the entire process, so each plate must be prepared moments before it will be used and then developed immediately afterwards. Dryplate photography, and then gelatin film, eventually solved that inconvenience and by the 1890s wetplate was on the decline.

FIXING THE PLATE. See the image revealed as the plate soaks in the fixer.

At this moment in time, we find ourselves searching again for the imperfect but wonderful human touch that exists in handmade photography. Don’t get us wrong, we love our digital cameras, camera phones, and inkjet printers. But when it comes time take a photo out of the digital cloud and physically put in our home and life, there is something to be said for doing it using very old techniques.

Wetplate photography allows us to rediscover the magic of handmade silver-based photography—and it provides a durable, long-lasting image.

Making wetplate photographs involves special cameras, a darkroom, dangerous chemicals, and lots of time and effort. For these reasons it just isn’t an option for most people.

We believe the beauty of handmade photographs should be available to everyone.

When a digital photo becomes a tintype we call it a Tintype Print. This hybrid of the old and new is modern vintage at its best.

 I just want to say how incredible my tintype photo is. 
— Lane

 Your customer service is second to none!! 
— Steve

 It's so beautiful and really captures the moment! 
— Christina

 I just got the print and am really impressed. This is going to make a great present. Appreciate the time and passion put into the process. 
— Jon

 I love the picture! I can't wait to give it to the newlyweds! I will be recommending you to everyone! As much as I loved the idea of this from seeing it online, in person it is even more amazing. 
— Cate

We make old-school tintypes
& Tintype Prints.

Antique tintypes are photos of real-life scenes made using a large format camera. We love doing old-school wetplate work and offer it at our studio and on-location.
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Making a Tintype Print from a digital photo is a hybrid process with a few extra steps.
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We are a family business passionate about creating incredible handcrafted images. Mixing old school photography techniques with new technology and lots of hard work, we're dedicated to giving you beautiful images that will last for generations.

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